Reusable hygienic mask R50

Double layer hygienic mask with a high bacterial protection efficency greater than 96% (UNE-0065:2020 standard) and particle filtration (UNE-EN 149 standard). Ergonomic design with twist band to fit comfortably toward the bridge of the nose (greater than 97%).

Durability: More than 50 washes

Resistance to liquid penetration

Antibacterian protection

Extra-soft microfiber

Excellent breathability

Designed with Twisband = Excelent face fit

Type: BV- A (Sizes: medium / large)

Type: BV- R (Sizes: medium / large)

Type: BV- V (Sizes: medium / large)

Type:Art 1 (Size: medium)

Type: Art2 (Sizes: medium / large)

Type: Art3 (Sizes: medium / large)

Type: Season 1 (Size: medium)

Type: Suit 1 (Size: medium / large)

Type: Season 2 Action (Size: medium / large)

Designed and made in Spain

The R50 BioVest hygienic masks are made for work and / or personal use.They offer a high protection against microbial penetration, aerosols and particles (UNE 0065 and UNE EN149) with a great durability without losing their effectivenss. (more than 50 washes). Made with care in Talavera de la Reina (Spain).

High Bacterial protection efficiency (96%) and high protection against particle filtration (96%), complying with UNE 0065 UNE 0065: 2020 standard that requires a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) greater than or equal to 90%.

Excellent breathability complying with UNE 0065: 2020 standard that requires a breathability (Differential pressure): less than 60 Pa / cm2. Our masks have an excellent differential pressure (les than 36 Pa / cm2).

Ergonomic design with twist band to fit comfortably toward the bridge of the nose (more than 97%).

The mask complies with the new European regulations CWA 17553:2020.

Durability: Laboratory tests attribute a durability of more than 50 washes. An environmentally friendly mask with a reduced cost per use.

Made with a comfortable 5 mm flat earloop to avoid discomfort on the skin.

Resistant to abrasion, breakage and tension according to the EN – 13795 standard

Protection against aerosols and liquids (+96%) , in accordance with the UNE – EN 14683: 2019 + AC 2019 standard.

Free of harmful and / or toxic ingredients and high anti-pilling fabric (it does not generate lint).

Made of fabrics that complies Human Ecological Requirements of STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX.

Waterproof penetration resistant.

Soft Mask on the skin: All areas of the mask in contact with the skin do not cause irritation. Free of edges or burrs that affect the dermis and there is no staples or any elements that could be dangerous for the user.

Packaging in individual bag with all the technical data and ZIPPER closure for its conservation.

Different Sizes for all ages: Adulyts: Size Medium and Size Large.

Designed and made in Spain.

Possibility of customise the masks in this way it is a product for protection but also it could be a fashion product or “Community feeling” product.

How to wear a mask

Care instructions

Mild wash 60º

Do not bleach

Iron to 140º  for 10-15“ to activate antibacterial treatment

Do not dry clean

Tumble dry at low temperature (70º)